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The turning techniques and projects described below are rewarding ways to build your personal turning skills.  

Consider joining the coaching team and sharing our camaraderie. Coaches always learn the most.  Try out the projects below.  

Earn your "Coach" button, above!

Each project has a "storyboard" displaying turned examples of each step.  Each project has a picture based narrative procedure.  

Coaches are encouraged to master all projects so students will have a consistent teaching experience.  

These projects can also form the basis for mentoring new turners or self learning.  Each project is designed so a student can leave class with a completed turning.

New Students:

Spindle Turning
Hollow Form/Face Grain


These projects may be fine tuned to become part of the standard curriculum.   They may be taught by individual coaches based on student and coach interest and ability.   The procedures below vary in ease of coaching.

Possible future projects: Bracelet, Handled Spin Top, Earring Holder, One Piece Yo Yo, Pendant

Other Woodworking Projects: Here is a link to other woodworking projects that was recommended by Brendan, a student volunteer at Hastings Recreation and Community Center in Minnesota.

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