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Craig Timmerman- Turning a Torus Vase

  • May 26, 2020
  • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Your home computer or smart phone
  • 54


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Craig Timmerman   Turning a Torus Vase

In geometry, a torus is a surface of revolution generated by revolving a circle in three dimensional space about an axis co-planar with the circle, which does not touch the circle. But I’m not that good at geometry, so in simple terms, a torus is a doughnut or inner tube shape.

This is a fun project. This project covers how to turn a torus-shaped vase/weed pot with glass tube insert. The vase is turned on multiple axis and uses multiple chucking techniques. The project can be scaled to work on almost any sized lathe. I’ll cover all the steps including all of the different ways the piece is held on the lathe, useful gigs, turning air, production techniques, and optional designs. It there is time I’ll also cover how I do stone inlay work.


After many years in the computer and software industry, Craig Timmerman has been a full-time artist and production wood turner since 2008. In addition to demonstrating and teaching at many AAW chapters, he has demonstrated at AAW Symposiums, numerous SWAT symposiums, the Utah Symposium, the North Dakota Symposium, and the Rocky Mountain Symposium. He was recently featured in the April edition of the AAW American Woodturner magazine. Craig had started the Armadillo Woodworks YouTube channel and is setup to do remote, interactive demos.

He picked up woodturning over twenty years ago when he took a weekend class at a local store. After that weekend the wood working equipment in his shop ceased to be used for anything except woodturning. His specialties include non-round turnings, hollow forms, spheres, lamps, and production gift items. Many of his pieces combine multiple turnings and bent laminations. He works primarily with reclaimed timber accentuating the flaws by making them the focal point of the piece; often filling them with crushed stone.

Craig’s work is in several central Texas galleries and can also be found on his website, He also does a few art shows each year, including the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar-Austin’s oldest Christmas art show. He has been married to

his wife Tina for over 35 years and they live just outside Austin, TX. If life wasn’t busy enough, Craig also sings barbershop and a cappella music.

To join the meeting you'll need to register before Monday May 25th so we can send you instructions.  If you haven't joined a Zoom meeting yet, Chris Smith will answer any questions you have. Contact him at or call 1-916-712-6979.

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